SHC holds Psychological First Aid training sessions

The COVID 19 epidemic, childhood traumas, and difficult life experiences have led to overwhelming emotions and exaustion. Sacred Heart College of Lucena City Inc., in conjunction with the Admissionand Guidance Center and the Human Resource Department Office (HRDO), collaborated to address this issue. The collaboration resulted in Psychological FIrst Aid (PFA) Training sessions for at least eighty members of the basic education and higher education departments’ teaching staff, on Wednesday, February 1 2023. The objective of PFA training is to teach and equip participants to regulate and comprehend their emotional and psychological states, so enabling them to assess their capacity to assist others. Ms. Mary Cleire D. Miguel, Director of Admission and Guidance Services, emphasized the significance of PFA by noting its role in mitigating initial psychological discomfort, bolstering public mental health emergency, and fostering greater confidence in one’s own abilities.