Basic Education

Basic Education Department

Basic Education Department (BED)

General Objectives

The Basic Education Department encompasses Kindergarten to Senior High School Level (pre- school, elementary and secondary levels) through the adoption of the Basic Education Program for DC schools.

The Basic Education Program for DC Schools is designed to help the child who is at the pre – school to high school stage to formal schooling acquire basic knowledge and understanding, develop basic attitudes and values, master basic skills, mature Filipino , a mature Christian and a mature Vincentian ( service-oriented especially towards the poor) , so that each child becomes true to his/her vocation and role in God’s plan for creation and mankind . Further, it helps him/her widen and deepen these experiences as he/she goes from stage of development to another.

The formation is achieved through is academic offering and its support programs that provide for a wholesome environment that facilitated personalized and group opportunities, religious and service- oriented experiences to be enjoyed by the child in his/her formative years. This is also facilitated the adoption of a unified and integrated scheme in its organizational structure and personnel resources both human and material, curriculum and evaluation.

An Integrated Basic Education Graduate is expected to:

At the end of Grade 6

At the end of Grade 10