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Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Bachelor of Science in PSYCHOLOGY (BSP)

Program Goals

We expect our graduates to be technically  competent, adept in assessment, diagnosis, and intervention using psychological tests involving clients in the different fields of psychological practice such as in the clinical, industrial and educational settings. Also, our graduates shall be able to apply their knowledge and skills across the wide range of psychological practice including marketing, sales, teaching, in business and industry, in  hospitals and community development, in  clinical and forensic settings and other relevant areas where psychology practitioners are  considered necessary. They shall be able to communicate and function effectively as  individuals and within multi-disciplinary teams. 

Our graduates shall always demonstrate moral, ethical, societal and professional responsibilities in accordance to Vincentian teachings. They shall recognize the limitations of their knowledge and thirst for learning opportunities to better themselves with the end-goal of  personal and professional development.


After graduation, many career options are available for them because their BS degree in Psychology is highly flexible and adaptable. They could work in business, education, marketing, sales, management, hospitals, clinics, community centers and research development, to mention a few. If they wish to become lawyers or doctors, a BS degree in Psychology is an excellent preparatory course. 

However, if they wish for career advancement, they could take furthur studies either in MA in Psychology or in MA Guidance & Counseling. As a Registered Psychologist (RPsy), they could specialize in the fields of clinical, forensic, sports , industry, and in education, as some career options. With the Mental Health Law or the Republic Act no. 11036, it is expected that there will be a great demand for Registered Psychologist. On the other hand, with an MA in Guidance & Counseling Degree, they could pursue their vocation as a Registered Guidance Counselor (RGC). 

With so many educational institutions clamoring for accreditation, there is a dire need for RGCs to meet required ratio of students with Registered Guidance Counselor. If they opt build their own business or even if they do not wish to enter the world of work, their knowledge in psychology will not go to waste because as long as there are people, they always have a winning edge because Psychology is the study of behavior and mental processes.

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