Lucena City, September 11, 2023 – Sacred Heart College (SHC) took a significant step forward today during its Flag Ceremony at the SLM Grounds. The institution introduced its freshly revised Vision-Mission, Core Values, and Graduate Attributes to its diverse student body, comprising Basic Education (BED), Integrated Basic Education (IBED), and Higher Education (HED).
Under the leadership of Dr. Lloyd L. Alzola, Principal of the Basic Education Department, and the Vice Principals for Academics Ms. Melissa L. Carillo and Ms. Darylgin E. Merle, representing the Elementary, and Senior High School, together with Ms. Hazel E. San Gil, Director, Christian-Vincentian Formation, SHC embarked on a new era by embedding its vision and mission into the fabric of classrooms and offices across the campus.
During the ceremony, Dr. Maria Lucila Barroro, Vice President for Academics at SHC, and BSP student Carmelo Villanueva jointly recited the institution’s recently crafted Vision and Mission. Following this momentous occasion, each student representative was presented with a framed copy of the freshly amended Vision-Mission for prominent display in their respective classrooms.
While SHC’s Vision-Mission, Core Values, and Graduate Attributes have undergone revisions, one thing remains constant: the enduring Cordian-Vincentian ideals that have been the cornerstone of every Cordian’s educational journey. This transformative move signifies SHC’s commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals who are not only academically proficient but also possess strong values, equipping them to make meaningful contributions to society.
The introduction of the revamped Vision-Mission heralds a new chapter in SHC’s history, one that promises to empower students with a profound sense of purpose and a shared commitment to creating a better future.