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Authorized Clubs/Organizations

Co-curricular activities are planned and organized by the students through the different clubs and organizations which are moderated by teachers appointed on the basis of their subject area of specialization. A regular activity period is scheduled once a week. Clubs are categorized into three areas.

1. Religious Clubs - Refer to the religion associations of the school. This include: Children of Mary Immaculate (COM), LUISAS, young society of St.Vincent de Paul (YSSVP), and knights of the altar (KOA).

2. Academic Clubs- Refer to student organizations that are academic in nature. These include Math Club, Science club, English Enthusiasts and Speakers Circle, Social Studies Club, Filipino Club and Student Technologists and Entrepreneur of the Phil. (STEP)

3. Special Interest Clubs- Refer to organizations that cater to the varied interests of the students. These clubs are the Choir,Drum and Lyre Band, Painting, Arts, Book Lovers, Sports, Guitar, Dance Troup, Boy Scout of the Philippines, Girl Scout of the Philippines, journalism Club, Young Entrepreneurs’ Club, and Young Environmentalists’ Society.


The Student Executive Board Is the supreme student governing body of the Basic Education Department. It represents all the student of the school.
Its main objectives are:

  1. To defend and to promote the students’ rights and suffrage
  2. To initiate, to sponsor, or to supervise activities that will contribute to the students’ moral, spiritual, socio-cultural, civic and intellectual growth.
  3. To promote unity, cooperation and fellowship in building a Christian community in BED.
  4. To represent the student body before the administration of matters affecting their rights, welfare and interests.

  5. The officers of the SEB are elected for a term of one year by the students in the latter part of March. The posts for election include Governor, vice-Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor and PRO.


1. The Children or Mary
The COM aims toward the development of the Marian Virtues of faith, Charity, Humility, purity and simplicity among the Youth. through its various apostolate such as each-one-teach-one, catechism, home visitation, jail visitation and block rosary, the organization contribute to social transformation as well as to the evangelical of the local church and the community.

The young members of the Association of the Ladies of Charity established by Saint Vincent de Paul has for its main activity, the visitation of the homes of the sick poor. The Association is composed of young girls who prepare to honor Christ as the source of society.

3. THE YOUNG SOCIETY OF SAINT VINCENT DE PAUL The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is an International lay organization founded in Paris, France in 1883 by a university student Frederich Ozanam and his companions. Place under the patronage of Saint Vincent de Paul, it is inspired by his thinking and his works. It seeks in the spirit of justice and Charity, to help those who are suffering through the person-to-person involvement/apostolate of its members.

Knights of the Altar is a brotherhood of students who are committed to become Christ’s followers and Christ-like by serving Him through assisting in liturgical celebrations in the school and by worthy example


1. Math Wizards
It serves as a medium for spreading the importance and aesthetics of Mathematics not only as an academic subject but also as a vital part of everyday life. It aims to arouse students’ interest in Math. The club conducts Math Clinic that helps the deficient math students.

2. Inventors’ Club ( Science)
It assists and motivates science enthusiasts to develop competence on scientific knowledge, skills and values as stewards of God’s creation. Varied activities and learning experience are provided for the members to make them fully aware and be familiar with the word of science.

3. Yaman ng Lahi ( Social Studies Club)
The club aims to provide experience that would help the student widen his knowledge and a sense of the needs of changing community.

4. English Enthusiasts & Speakers’ Circle

5. Batingaw ng Wika ( Filipino Club)
The communication arts of the Basic Education aims to develop in the students competencies in speaking, listening, reading and writing both in English and Filipino, that would equip them to experience effective communication and interaction .

6. Cyber Cordians Club ( Computer Ed.)
This club aims to promote computer awareness, literacy and interests among students and to provide an avenue for computer software and hardware development. Activities of the club include finding solutions for computer problems and engaging in other activities that are beneficial to the club members.

7. Student Technologists and Entrepreneurs of the Phil. (T.L.E.)

This club provides students avenue where they can get hands-on experience on home economics, agricultural technology, industrial arts and entrepreneurship. Leadership abilities, competitiveness and productivity of the club members are strengthened as they apply the different areas in HELE/TLE and eventually hone their skills for lifelong benefit.


1. Teatro/Arts/Painting/Dance troupe/sports
It aims to discover talents in all areas of the performing arts as well as cordians with special skills/inclinations. It develops aspiring/potential talents by providing training sessions, workshop and seminars. It also trains student who have special skills and interest.

2. Choir
It is the choral group of the BED. Its members are student from Grade #-10. It aims to enhance the musical/singing abilities of the young cordians for the purpose of enlivening liturgical celebrations, cultural programs and other community gathering in and out of the campus. It also aims to provide its members with liturgical, musical and spiritual formation.

3. Drum and Lyre Band
It is the marching band of the department. Members of this group are Lower Basic Education Department pupils. Enhancement of the musical skills of the pupils particularly the playing of instruments is one of the aims of the club. The group assists in the various activities of the department and giving entertainment to school and other civic gatherings.

4. Scouting
It is a club that focuses on the youth, for it is not that they comprise its member but more so it renders its assistance to the development of their community. The club provides them opportunities to demonstrate their skills, to show respect, to practice leadership and fellowship skills, to practice desirable health and safety habits, to practice physical fitness skills, to promote them creatively, to practice his religion and activities that will satisfy his needs of belongingness.

5. Journalism Club
It is created to enhance journalistic skills for its members. It encompasses not only the rudiments of writing but it also aims to instill virtue and values such as integrity, ingenuity, accuracy, resourcefulness, temperance and patience pertinent to this kind of work. The club teachers members the process of coming up with a school paper. Experiential learning is employed for the optimum development of would be journalist.

6. Book Lovers Club Found for books can be of man’s deepest pleasure. It extend his experience, giving him a glimpse of the world’s excitement, thus open his inner psychological world. Finally the club leads him to make reading a pleasant task.It aims to help students to learn basic knowledge and information about the club, to give importance to the proper care And love of books, to acquire competence in the use of libraries, reference source and other related materials and to achieve proper wholesome attitude towards different club activities. The members of this club are student Grade4-10.

7. Young Environmentalists Society
This group promotes awareness and preservation of God-given natural resources and provides venue for interaction among students working collaboratively towards the common good through community and environmental projects.

8. Young Entrepreneurs’ Club This is a club aiming to develop among its members the entrepreneurial skills. This club provides the necessary formation for the development and cultivation of students’ potentials and skills in business.