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SHC-IBED Pays Tribute Basketball Players Batch 2014

Article/News by: Mr. Victor Samaniego

The first ever tribute to IBED Cordian Basketball Players was held last March 26 at SHC Covered Court. Parents, former coaches, school administrators, players and graduates graced the event.

The tribute is our way of saying “Thank You” to this batch that brought honor to our department and to Sacred Heart College by winning several championship crowns. More than this, the tribute is also given for their long years of service to the department without asking much from us. We are well aware that some schools in Lucena are already giving scholarship grants to basketball players but here in Sacred Heart College, due to financial constraints, players will have to shoulder considerable amount for playing. This is where dedication and love for basketball comes in, says Victor G. Samaniego, in-charge IBED Sports.

The festivity kicked off with an opening prayer led by PTC President Mrs. Lolly Axalan, followed by the welcome remarks of Ms. MaricelBaroro, Institutional Coordinator for Student Services. She expressed her gratitude to the parents as well as to the graduates.

Mr. Miguel Kristoffer Abila, this years' Excellence in Sports awardee shared his insights among the participants especially the undergraduates. He quipped that “they should be thankful for the opportunity given to them and to continuously strive to be better players. He also had the chance to personally thank all persons who made the event possible. He also greeted his number 1 fan, his mother.

Mr. Benedict Vegamora, coach of the high school basketball teamshared insights that will be useful to the graduates as they leave high school basketball and face tougher challenges of being a college student. He used the basketball as a metaphor that can guide them in their pursuit of good life.

After the speeches, Graduates were given certificates of appreciation, a basketball and a personalized mug for their long and untiring services to the school. These year’s awardees were Miguel Kristoffer P. Abila, Paul Simon Gisalan, Fertius John Dale Alfajora, Chester Balonzo, Jerome Broso, Kevin Garcia, Mark Mendiola, Mark Lloyd Sangalang, Kurt Labay, Koko Pataunia, Arwyn Mortiz, Andrew Pabello, Denver Constantino, Leonard Miguel Tolentino, Floren Zeus Natividad, Juan Miguel Maranan, Ivan Carl Pureza.

The next part of the program is the exhibition game between Grade X and the Parents, Teachers and Coaches. The PTA team won the game. After a break, Grade X basketball players faced Grade VII-IX players. The former won the game.

The activity ended with a boodle fight held at SHC Covered Court. The event was under the supervision of Mr. Victor Samaniego, In-charge IBED Sports, Mr. Lloyd Alzola, Coordinator, Student Discipline, Mrs. Victoria Macalinao, Coordinator, Student Activities and Mr. Emmanuel Manga, IBED Principal.

The event would not be possible without the support of the school Vice-President for Administrative Services and Finance, Sr. Geraldine Denoga, D.C. and the parents.

“Fiestang Bola” How One Parent saw the Event
By: Chito Oabel: Father of three Cordian Basketball Player

What a happening I am still feeling some excitement in me. The event that took place seems to be a " FIESTANG BOLA". It's not only the players who really enjoyed the event... even parents, teachers and basketball fans really had a grand time.

Seeing everybody in that covered court happily talking and laughing with each other, small basketeers taking every opportunity to get those balls, shoot and get themselves involve in the event, graduating players providing DRAMA, everyone's feasting on food made me feel ecstatic.

The 2 fun-filled games were truly memorable. It was not just about playing basketball and winning. It is all about playing with your son and giving them a good time as they prepare themselves to college life. What made the game memorable are the people who are playing. The game was complimented by wacky players with their wacky on-court antics especially A.C.,Pareng Wilmer Bantigue and of course Mark Sangalang. Who would not remember how Mark Sangalang played his last game with us.

Adding to the excitement is the sports casting genius Mareng Gina Mandigma Eclavea who complimented well to the joyous undertaking.

When the smoke cleared and everyone's huffing and puffing for breath either because of playing or from laughing from endless(senseless) jokes, we're already feeling that such a momentous event is about to end. Then came the icing on the cake, a BOODLE FIGHT took place capping a very festive day in a Cordian life. May what transpired today be a Cordian Tradition and further inspire our players.

Sa uulitin....

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