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TODAY'S REFLECTION   November 20, 2018
Daily Bread Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is-HIS good, pleasing and perfect will.
(Romans 12:2)
RESEARCH > Research Agenda


1. To conduct basic/action researches that will provide basis for developing new knowledge and applied researches that will contextualize prevailing knowledge in the different academic fields which are relevant to SHC transformative education through defined research categories:

a. Developing new knowledge in the Religious Education & Vincentian Formation, Philosophy, Education, Business, Social Sciences, Humanities, Psychology, Language, Literature, Biology, Natural Sciences, Ecology and Health
b. Investing in Education and Training
c. Enhancing Health Care
d. Alleviation of Hunger and Poverty

2. To integrate research with SHC’s Community Extension Services by conducting research in a particular field of advocacy:

a. Land Use, Eco-Park and Farm Development, Use of Resources
b. Transformative Education (“Munting Paaralan ni Hermana Fausta, HFDC etc”)
c. Community Outreach Programs

3. To conduct research that will provide data and information for administrative policy making in quality assurance key result areas:

a. Value Innovative Educational Programs and Services Rooted in Christ
¤ Sustainability of its programs and services
¤ Interiorizing Vincentian Spirituality
¤ Evidence-Based Curriculum/ Outcome Based-Curriculum
¤ Interconnectivity with sister schools
¤ Intensified marketing efforts
¤ Competency based curricular programs
¤ Environmental Stewardship (Ecology and Waste Management)
¤ Disaster Risk management
¤ Promotion of Culture
¤ Climate change specifically on the issue of global warming.
¤ Model building studies
¤ Graduate tracer studies
¤ Development of instructional materials
¤ Other research topics considered by the Commission in response to emerging needs of the country

b. Vincentian Formation Towards Empowering Partnerships
¤ Influence/Effects on exposure to seminars, workshops and DC directional programs (On-going formation)
¤ Influence/Effects of involvement in professional, socio – civic – cultural and spiritual organizations.
¤ Imbibing Vincentian Spirituality at Work
¤ Commitment to Continuing Spirituality at work
¤ Revitalization of Vincentian Formation
¤ Revitalizing Vincentian Core Values

c. Re-Configuration of SHC
Revaluating competencies, practices, linkages
Human Resource Development
Intensified Centralized Purchasing
Fixed Assets Management & Outlets Management
Interconnectivity of departments thru Wi-Fi Access
Modernization of IT Infrastructure/IT upgrade

d. Alternative Transformative Learning System
Research-based ATLS
Accountability for Primary Education
Persons living with HIV/AIDS, Migrant Workers
Alleviation of Hunger & Poverty
Responsive/relevant Community Extension Services
Development of Alternative Transformative Learning systems

e. Strategic Alliance Building
Reestablishing linkages
Expanding networks/linkages locally and globally

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Vincentian Songs
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Saint Louise De Marillac Educational System (SLMES)
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