DATE: June 2, 2014

My dear Sr. Mary Anne, our Sister Servant, dear Sisters, members of the Expanded President’s Council, members of the faculty, NTMS, and newly hired faculty… Good morning!
As I welcome you all, I’d like to share with you this:

There was once a popular Tagalog song that was composed and dedicated to returning balikbayans. The first line of the refrain goes something like this: “Kay tagal mo ng nawala . . . Babalik ka rin!” Do you know this song? Yes? READY SING! ! ! !

Well, as fate would have it, I am back! Back in Lucena City. Back in Sacred Heart College. A balik-Cordian. One difference, however, from that song is that I was never really away or gone. During the nine years that I was stationed in San Juan de Dios, College and Hospital, I kept coming back here in SHC, and also in Santa Isabel College another school I was asked to supervise, but I don’t feel like I have really been away. So I’m back to welcome each one of you.

My dear Mission Partners, starting today, I will be with you more officially and, should I say, more fully. Completely. For now I don’t have to juggle my time between two or three other DC institutions. Starting today, I will be fully and completely at the service of Sacred Heart College, from the gate to welcome the kids in the morning, visit classrooms of IBED & HED. I WOULD just be like a PAASCU ACCREDITOR! I will look at your syllabi and lesson plans and lesson guides, then have an early walk to ECO Park and to the farm in Barra if time allows.

Because I have never really left the saddle, I only plan to continue leading us in the directions earlier set by our EOP and 5-year institutional plans – even as we continue adjusting and fine-tuning these plans as we go along. I don’t really see any major changes – structurally, organizationally, or even policy-wise – apart from the usual improvements and continuing development of our competencies and services in the K to 12 system specifically and new EOP to be presented by our DC Superintendent and DC Consultant at the later part of our Institutional Orientation Program..

What I do foresee, though, is the greater participation of all the stakeholders of this institution – the students, the faculty and staff, the administrators, the alumni, and even the larger community we serve – in the growth and development of Sacred Heart College. This is a task that no president nor leader can do singlehandedly. This is a task that is best undertaken and pursued by the committed, united effort and cooperation of everyone who has a stake in the future of this institution. Yes, I will lead you as President of Sacred Heart College. Better still, I will lead you as your servant, as your handmaid.

I am grateful to the Lord for this opportunity and chance to serve with you again. And I look forward to the blessing of working with you in the years ahead, even as I pray with the Psalmist:

“Let the favor of the Lord be upon us,
And establish the work of our hands upon us;
Yes, establish the work of our hands!”
(Ps 90:17)

Thank you! May the Lord bless us all !

DATE: June 10, 2014

My dear students, administrators, teaching & non-teaching personnel, parents and friends, Good morning!

Yesterday, as promised, I made myself visible along the corridors and in my classroom to classroom visits in the IBED. Your expression of warm welcome my dear students, from Kinder to Grade 10 was very touching. It is really something I appreciate deeply because you made me feel I belong to this beloved SHC and really, I am one with you all.

Then last Sunday, we celebrated the feast of the coming of the Holy Spirit, the third Person of the Blessed Trinity, into our lives and today as we open the Academic Year we have already experienced a lot of graces and blessings, gifts and fruits from the Holy Spirit in order to help us face these very challenging times. We all know that the world we live in, given all its complexities, can be a pressure-laden environment. It is very easy to get confused, lost and even discouraged. This is where your school, your alma mater can truly be your second home; a refuge of strength, a place for clarity and nourishment, a haven of love and encouragement, a wellspring to satisfy your thirst for knowledge and truth. We only wish that you cooperate with us.

So to one and all, cheers to a new life that is in store for all of us. May you never waver from doing your best as ministers to the last, the least and the lost our POOR ). Remember them in your quiet moments of reflective prayer especially when you pray in the chapel through our Blessed Mother.

Thank you and May God bless us all!

DATE: June 14, 2014

My dear HED students! Good morning and Welcome !

As your School President, and in behalf of Sister Mary Anne Evidente, DC, Sister Servant of SHC Community, it is with much joy and hope to welcome you all today! With JOY because this gathering today is quite memorable for me. I have come back here in SHC, this time giving myself to you more fully. If you have noticed, last year, I would always be in a hurry to leave SHC, I was running literally for Manila after my talks and meetings, here in SHC, because I have to attend to other concerns in the other school where I am tasked to supervise. This year, it is quite different and I am grateful to the Lord for this opportunity and chance to serve you again, this time with quality time. I will have time to lead you with love and dedication and to guide you with compassion. Of course, I also expect from you my dear students, to do your part. I really expect that from you.

I also welcome you with HOPE because I feel that today is the beginning of a dream come true. Why? Because I dreamt that someday, I will be one with you all. And so this is it….a dream come true! And so as we open today, the Academic Year we pray that we experience the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit, whose feast we have celebrated last Sunday. We have received these gifts from the Holy Spirit with gratitude so that we will be able to face these very challenging times. We all know that our world we are in, can be a pressure-laden environment, given all its complexities. But I assure you as long as you are here in SHC, your second home, you are safe. SHC is your refuge of strength, your haven of love and encouragement and your wellspring to satisfy your thirst for knowledge and truth.

And now as your school President, I formally declare the Academic Year…. Open!

AUDIENCE: New students and parents
DATE: June 14, 2014

My dear new students, parents and friends: Good morning!

We have finally said goodbye to the Academic Year 2013 and together we welcome once more, the Academic Year 2014-2015 with more challenges and responsibilities here in your new environment, Sacred Heart College. Let me express my appreciation to you for coming to SHC and together with the SHC family, we offer you our warm welcome. It is really something I appreciate deeply because you have made yourselves feel that you are all one with us.

In any case, there is one thing I can tell you that I will be here for you to make myself personally available and accessible to you aside from the help and service you will be experiencing with your Deans and Program Chairs.. We can listen to you, know your needs and concerns, and work together closely with you in making your life in SHC a fruitful, meaningful, and wonderful experience. We encourage you to to be confident in approaching us or sharing your thoughts and ideas with us, to make your stay in SHC a rewarding one.

Yes, my dear young people, face these very challenging times as I strongly told you yesterday at Mass because, as you know, our world and all its complexities and moral relativism and impersonal technology ….. can be daunting and pressure – laden. Be strong and always entrust yourselves to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mama Mary, Jesus’ mother and also ours. Make your school, this school, a place of love and encouragement and a wellspring to satisfy your thirst for knowledge and truth. We, your Administrators and teachers will work hand – in- hand with you in all these pursuits. Even I, your school President , will help you in your pursuit of what is true, what is good and what is ennobling for your person.

Welcome then my dear students and parents, to the new academic school year 2014-2015. And welcome too, to our new partnership in the Lord for a greater tomorrow here in Sacred Heart College.