Sacred Heart College, Lucena City
Sacred Heart College, Lucena City
Sacred Heart College, Lucena City

Senator Bam Aquino, local leaders, join Cordians in Vincentian Leadership Training

The Student Executive Council (SEC) in collaboration with Commission on Student Elections (COMSELEC) successfully held their first virtual Cordian-Vincentian Leadership Training with the theme “Vincentian Leaders Collaboration in Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous World vis-a-vis Vincentian Spirituality” via Google meet on November 13, 2020.

The event involved hundred of student leaders coming from different programs in the Higher Education Department of Sacred Heart College.

The event started by playing footages of last year’s Vincentian Leadership Camp in the opening plenary. It was followed by an opening prayer, singing of the Philippine National Anthem and the college hymn. The Student Development/Activities & Discipline, Mr. Rey C. Rodil officially started the event with his opening remark that warmly welcomed everyone and reminded participants to always put all the learning in their hearts to fully imbibe the Cordian-Vincentian Spirit.

Mr. Narciso Cruzat, Jr., SHC Vice President, Student Development Well-being & External Linkages, headed the talk about Vincentian Leaders Collaboration in a VUCA World.

“Hindi ginugusto ng Diyos na mangyari ito sa atin pero pinahihintulutan Niya for a purpose, therefore our role here is to identify the meaning why God allows this to happen, ni minsan ang Diyos ay hindi magbibigay ng problema, ang ibibigay Niya sa atin ay challenges. Failure to respond to these challenges will cause problems in our life, therefore problems are not coming from Him, these are coming from us, what God gives us are challenges,” Cruzat said.

Honorable speakers were introduced in #KwentuhangMayKwento as part of the program. Student leaders were graced by the first speaker Hon. Bam Aquino, Senator of the Philippines, who tackled about the importance of Engaged Citizenship. He pointed out that in our everyday lives we should always be ready to be engaged with our minds, hearts, and act to show the sense of care for our fellow Filipinos. He also encouraged Cordian-student leaders to be an engaged citizen as our country needs good governance.

The conversation was then followed by Fr. Warren Puno, as he draws attention about Ecological Advocacy, “Ang ating pagmamahal sa kalikasan, ay pagmamalasakit sa mahihirap, pagmamalasakit sa mga taong maapektuhan nito, lagi nating tatandaan at huwag tayong bibitaw sa ating adbokasiya, ‘yong adbokasiya sa mahihirap ay adbokasiya rin sa pangangalaga sa ating inang kalikasan” he said.

Hon. Irish Armando, President of the SK Provincial Federation of Quezon, deepened the talk about Youth Empowerment. She shared experiences that molded her to what she is now and indicated that openness is one of the keys for the youth to be empowered. Moreover, she gave tips on how to empower youth which includes be honest, be humble, and to always follow their passions. Student leaders were given a Virtual break after #KwnetuhangMayKwento. Virtual games were carried-out to entertain the participants with cash prizes.

Afterwards, Mr. John Oliver Tablazon RN, Provincial Youth Coordinator of Sarangani Province talked about setting and achieving goals. He discussed his experiences of being engaged in volunteerism that shaped and influenced him to be a goal digger. He also mentioned that he became one of the volunteers in Medical Mission, Youth Empowerment sharing for T’boli Young Leaders, Health Education, Heart and Brains Youth Volunteers, Makeshift Dorm etc,.

The second part of the program started at 6:00 pm with the culminating activity that gave emphasis about the theme “You Lead in the Cordian Spirit”. Ms. Gabrielle Piola, Ms. Valerie Morante, and Ms. Gabrielle Jumarang performed worship songs to uplift the spirit of every leaders.

Mr. Kenjie Sudo, Former Provincial Youth Head, Youth for Christ, Quezon shared his experiences on leadership. As the last speaker of the event, he discussed about making of a true leader and gave realization that leadership is a privilege of serving. He also emphasized that leadership will give a person the opportunity not only to grow but also to share.

The program ended with closing remarks from Ms. Tricia Ann Alvarez, Student Executive Council President and expressed her full gratitude to the student leaders who actively participated and to those who have been part of the program especially the guest speakers.

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