Sacred Heart College, Lucena City
Sacred Heart College, Lucena City
Sacred Heart College, Lucena City

Sacred Heart College Recognizes TM1 Passers in a Special Ceremony

Fourteen Cordian passers of the Trainer’s Methodology Level 1 (TM1) under the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) were recognized by Sacred Heart College (SHC), Lucena City in a special ceremony on 10 March 2021.

The 14 Cordian TM1 passers who hurdled 33 days in online learning, portfolio making and assessment include the following: Ma. Marieta Asia, Analiza Del Pilar, Sylvia Ingente, Raymond Llagas, Jimelyn Lindog, Dr. Aurora Navela, Rey Rodil and Dr. Maria Zorayda Torres (for Events Management Services NC III); Dr. Maria Lucila Baroro, Karen Cabula, Ma. Lina Peregrin, Marlon Rosales (for Tourism Promotion Services NC II), Benilda Jito (for Bookkeeping NC III), and Ana Libabel Ferreras (for Pharmacy Services NC III).

The special ceremony for the Cordian TM 1 passers began with a Thanksgiving mass at 7:15 a.m. officiated by Rev. Fr. Edgar Allan Santayana at the SHC Rendu Cultural Center & Gymnasium. The Recognition Rites followed at the ABM Room in the Senior High School (SHS) Building which was attended by the DC Sisters, SHC Administration, TM1 Batch 2 candidates and the 14 Cordian TM1 passers.

SHC Assessment Center Manager and SHS Principal, Mr. Ronaldo Uriarte, MAEd, FRIEdr, opened the ceremony by thanking the DC Sisters and the SHC Administration for the support given to SHC-TESDA and to the Cordian TM1 passers. The success earned by the passers is an avenue for SHC to expand as an assessment center offering four programs such as Events Management Services NC III, Tourism Promotion Services NC II, Bookkeeping NC III and Pharmacy Services NC III in partnership with TESDA.

Following the AC Manager’s opening message was a heartwarming video of the journey of the Cordian TM1 passers which delighted them to recall those significant moments. Afterwhich, the SHC President and Sister Servant, Sr. Maria Luisa B. Javier, DC inspired the passers and guests by saying that the preparations made (e.g., program, setup of the venue, food, etc.) for the Recognition Rites are a proof that the Cordian TM1 passers deserve the competent rating they received. She underscored that the key to success is by not giving up despite the many challenges of the pandemic that the passers had faced. As a last note, she reminded the passers that their achievement should not simply be an increase in knowledge in their respective qualifications, but should also be translated into being compassionate, available and sensitive to those who would be needing their help, be it inside or outside SHC. The special ceremony proceeded with its highlight, the awarding of the National Certificate to the Cordian TM1 passers.

Four Cordian TM1 passers, Ana Libabel Ferreras, Benilda Jito, Analiza Del Pilar and Marlon Rosales, recounted their experiences of the TESDA TM1 journey, summed up as challenging, full of trials and difficulties, even to the point of giving up and breaking down. Ana Libabel Ferreras who has a TM1 in Pharmacy Services NC III, shared that “TM” has three special meanings for her. For Ms. Ferreras, the first meaning of “TM” refers to “Tayo Muna” because majority of the Cordian TM1 passers are administrators who can share a lot to their co-faculty or co-employees when their turn comes. The second meaning of “TM” is “Taimtim na Manalangin” because prayers have helped overcome hindrances especially when one’s health is at stake. The third meaning of “TM” is Tagumpay Mula sa Maykapal" because passing TM1 is truly a grace from God.

Meanwhile, Benilda Jito, who has a TM1 in Bookkeeping NC III, shared that her training partner, Jimelyn Lindog, was instrumental in her success. According to her, being not administrators, she and Ms. Lindog were challenged by the seasoned presenters who gave them jitters during the practice demonstration. However, their focus, teamwork, determination and faith in God kept them on track to complete the race.

TM1 passer in Events Management Services NC III, Analiza Del Pilar, set aside her personal and emotional struggles to focus on TESDA. Her sharing concluded in this statement “Life can be full of unexpected things, either happy or sad. But no matter what happens… Just keep a loving heart, a wise mind and a strong faith in God … He will always stay with us through all the journeys of our life. Finally, Marlon Rosales, TM1 passer in Tourism Promotion Services NC II, noted that while he missed many family gatherings and visits to his wife and daughter in the province, the friendship, communal love and concern among the TM1 passers made his journey lighter as he completed his tasks and reached the finish line.

A spirit of gratitude capped the Recognition Rites as Dr. Aurora A. Navela, Vice President for Academics and TM1 passer in Events Management Services NC III, expressed her appreciation of the efforts of the members of the SHC family in support of the TM1 National Assessment as well as the Recognition program preparations. Lastly, Sylvia Ingente, Executive Director of the Human Resource Development Office and a TM1 passer in Events Management Services, closed the special ceremony with a fervent prayer that nothing is impossible with God (Luke 1:37) and that a grateful heart is a magnet of miracles.

The TM1 passers’ Recognition Rites was energetically hosted by a trio of faculty of the Integrated Basic Education Department (IBED), namely Charina Pamisaran, Barbara Chloe Maano and Mercedes Clemente.

The special ceremony was initiated by Jimelyn Lindog, SHC-TESDA staff, with Dr. Maria Zorayda Torres taking care of the program and setup for the venue as well as Dr. Aurora A. Navela who managed the food preparation and setup. - oOo -