Sacred Heart College, Lucena City
Sacred Heart College, Lucena City
Sacred Heart College, Lucena City

35 students from Sacred Heart College participates in the “4th Philippine Junior Finance and Investment Summit 2019”

Thirty-five financial management students from Sacred Heart College attended one of the most anticipated event of the year, the “4th Philippine Junior Financial and Investment Summit” with the theme: “Measure up to Level Up”. The event happened last September 7, 2019, at the SMX Convention Center, Manila, and is presented by CFA Philippines and CFA Institute, Asia-Pacific Research Exchange. Six financial management students from Sacred Heart College volunteered as ushers and usherettes in the event namely: Mr. Denzel Avery Villaflores, Mr. Ivan Johnly Zoleta, Mr. Alpacino Pascual, Ms. Angelica Aco, Ms. Mariel Lopez, and Ms. Khristine Paula Carmona. More than 3,000 students attended the event with the renowned speakers and industry experts that provided tools and set path towards success. The summit revolved mainly on the topics about Career, Investment and Fintech. The PJFIS2019 became an outlet for all students and young professionals who are interested in advancing their personal career and financial wellness. This year’s edition also highlighted about how young professionals can measure up to level up. Measuring up to learning the skill needed for the industry, understanding how to make ethically sound decisions at work, preparing them while young to manage their own finances, and getting acquainted with the industry trends are salient.

The event started with the opening remarks by Mr. Nick Pollard, the Managing Director, Asia Pacific CFA Institute followed by the introduction of the Keynote Speaker Mr. Emilio B. Aquino, the Chairperson of Securities and Exchange Commission.

The roster of speakers includes: Mr. Emilio Neri Jr., the Executive Vice President and CFO of Bank of the Philippine Islands; Ms. April Tan, CFA, Chief Equity Strategist at COL Financial Group, Inc.; Ms. Christina Arceo, CFA, Head of Fixed Income Division, China Bank Corporation; Ms. Sandra Araullo-Gonzales, CFA, Portfolio Manager of ATR Asset Management; Mr. Enrique Fausto, CFA, Equity Research Analyst at Deutsch Regis Partners Inc.; Mr. Charles William Ang, CFA, Deputy Head Research COL Financial Group, Inc.; Mr. Basil Jason Go, CFA, Equity Fund Manager at Security Bank Corporation; Mr. Benedict Algarra, CFA, Portfolio Manager at BDO Private Bank; Mr. Rafael Palma Gil, CFA, Equity Fund Manager at Security Bank Trust and Asset Management Group; Ms. Ferlyn Joy Cargullo, CFA, Institutional Equity Sales, Maybank ATR Kim Eng Securities Inc.; Ms. Caroline Vergara, CFA, Research Analyst at Philippine Equity Partners Inc.; Ms. Mary Grace Bacus, CFA, Analytics Consultant at Z-Lifts Solutions Inc.; Mr. John Balce, CFA, Senior Managing Director of FTI Consulting Philippines, Inc.; Mr. Lito Villanueva, President of Fintech Alliance; Mr. Lawrence Lee, President of Citisecurities, Inc.; Mr. Mark Ilao, CFA, Business Development Manager at COL Financial Group, Inc.; Mr. Lito Villanueva, the President of Fintech Alliance; Mr. Larry Cao, CFA, Content Director at CFA Institute; Mr. Nichel Gaba, CFA; CEO and Co-Founder of Philippine Digital Asset Exchange(PDAX); Lastly Mr. Andrew Stotz, PhD, CFA, the Co-Founder and CEO of A. Stotz Investment Research.

Mr. Emilio Neri Jr., the Executive Vice President and CFO of Bank of the Philippine Islands provided a very helpful talk during his session with his topic: “Philippine Economic Outlook: Pouncing through the expansionary path”. Student participants gained sight into the state and the future of the Philippine economy. He elaborated the broad view of the macro economic issues that is relevant to their future as a finance practitioner or investor. He explained how data and information can be woven or put together which can affect the financial wealth of Filipinos.

The Head of Fixed Income Division, China Bank Corporation: Ms. Christina Arceo, CFA, with her topic Avoid Career Pitfalls, Practice Ethical Decision-making” talked about the tools that the students can use in the future for analyzing and evaluating ethical scenarios to avoid pitfalls. As the world is rapidly changing, she believes that it is essential that we engage and provide the young, soon to become professionals the tools they will need to lead and set a path straight toward success. Lastly, according to her, ethical behavior is not simply following laws, regulations, and other rules. “Throughout your lives and careers, you will encounter situations in which there is no definitive rule that specifies how to act, or the rules that exist maybe unclear or even in conflict with each other. As future investment professional, you must be willing and able to identify potential ethical issues and create solutions to them even in the absence of clearly stated rules and read between the lines.” noted Arceo.

One of the highlights of the event was the session with Mr. Andrew Stotz, PhD, CFA, the Co-Founder and CEO of A. Stotz Investment Research. Mr. Andrew Stotz, PhD, CFA, with his topic entitled “Protect Your Wealth- Avoid the six Mistakes Investors make”, shared the six most common mistakes podcasts guests have made, how they turned them to their advantage; and how to avoid the same mistakes and succeed without the pain. He provided tools that students put into practice right away to help build and secure their wealth with ease in the decades to come. “These days it’s very hard to build your wealth and secure your retirement. Investing is complicated and it gets more so every day. The challenge of learning what you need to know about investing can be overwhelming but if you don’t learn it, you will suffer”, according to Stotz. He taught the driving concept that creating, growing and protecting wealth comes less from winning and more from avoiding loss. According to him, the smartest way to learn how to avoid loss is through the mistakes of others. He shared his findings from more than 130 “My Worst Investment Ever” podcast interviews- real-life stories of loss, learning and success. He left a message for all the aspiring students who want to pursue in the investment field; “Put your clients first, company second, then place yourself in the end, and be loyal to your client and company, and you’ll receive more in return”.