Good morning!!!!

My heartfelt greetings to you dear student Awardees, parents and visitors, faculty members, personnel and your Principal, Mr. Ronaldo Uriarte.

Let me take this opportunity to Welcome and Congratulate each one for having successfully reached this Culminating activity… your Recognition Day! To dear Parents, Thank You for entrusting to us the Catholic formation of your children. We appreciate you so much for this trust.

My dear students, you are here for Jesus. You are here to celebrate. You are here to believe and in believing, you reap the fruits of your whole year’s worth as student awardees in the Senior High School Department. Today, we honor you and we appreciate your changed persons after your immersion experience both in the 4 - corner room of your school and out, where you were made to experience an activity space in the different places outside the classrooms. Your varied experiences have made a difference in your lives and in the lives of others, generating creative-experience of warmth and explicit joy. Through this academic exercise and multiple intelligences you’re gifted with, God is telling you that all these are overflowing graces from HIM.

Congratulations! You have exhibited a high level of commitment which allowed you to reach this point in your life. Next year, you will now be GRADUATES of the K-12 program and your sincerity as student awardees, cannot be discounted aside from your untiring and unselfish spiritual and academic formation which had given you more meaning in your relationship with God and with one another.

My dear students, you must have come across a beautiful book entitled “Yellow and Strife”. Yellow asked: “How does one become a butterfly?” The gray-haired butterfly answered: “You must fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar. Life is changed, not taken away. Isn’t that different from those who die without even becoming butterflies? ”

Dear Awardees, you define your dream and calling … and claim what you are meant to become. Then believe that there is a beautiful person inside you. Continue “swirling in your cocoon” with a lot of patience and hard work and with a lot of interest, creativity, resourcefulness, initiative and joy until you become a beautiful butterfly . This program, K-12 transistion process mandated by the government, which SHC has prepared for you is intended to increase not only your learning capacities, but most importantly, to expand the employment and entrepreneurial opportunities of those in the program as their marketable skills are sharpened. Then together, you can be generous to touch and help your family and loved ones, and others especially those who have less in life … to change what should be changed for the better, that they too may have better lives. I have high hopes that like “Yellow and Strife”in the story, you will be able to bring “earth closer to heaven”.

Again, CONGRATULATIONS to all our dear student awardees! You are the fortunate recipients of God’s blessing. I pray that you put all skills you’ve learned not only to good use but also put them under the service of the many who have not been fortunate as you are. Go… share your blessings with the many in our country who have nothing much!

Finally, I wish you a continued experience of God’s love and peace! You are making history, for you are the first batch of the Senior High School Program in our country. As history-makers, there is a great challenge for you as those who follow you, will look at you as the role models of who a true blooded cordian is – steeped in Vincentian Spirituality-followers of Christ who love those who are poor.