The Challenge by the task in Pastoral Care as a Lay Person
Pastoral care supports the people who undergone many challenges in life like the feeling of anxiety, loss, pain and peoples triumphs, joys and victories. As a graduating Pharmacy student, I have seen many situations in hospital or even community setting of Pharmacy that involves patients burdens and problems that was shared with their relatives. Most of them are suffering from the incapacity to buy the medicines they are prescribed to buy to improve their health, while some are pleading for miracles to extend their lives although they have the capacity to buy and pay for every medical solutions that may help them to continue to live. That was the reality of the people nowadays. No matter what kind of status you are into, life is a matter of God’s will. No money, medicine or medical apparatuses can dictate how long you are going to live the life given by Him.

Just like what is written in Proverbs 21:13, “He who shuts his ear to the cry of the poor will also cry himself and not be answered”. it is true that even skilled Doctors and Nurses, or knowledgeable Pharmacists can hasten the health situation of a person if God dictates what is the path of someone’s life. But we can still do our jobs to hear and do whatever it takes to help them improve their health being. We shouldn’t be deaf to hear what other people is saying. We shouldn’t be blind to see their situations that needs to be resolved. And we shouldn’t be heartless to make a step to help them because what other people is going through can also be possible to happen to all of us. Making them feel that they have someone that is willing to listen to their feelings will not make us less of a person but instead, it will make us humble and understanding enough of the situation of others. We don’t need to be knowledgeable or skillful to take care of others. We only need to listen and be caring to give them compassion and help that they need and deserve.

My experience in my past internships in the Hospital and community Pharmacy will just be a background and foundation for me to do my will as a Pastoral caregiver. I may meet patients that aren’t willing to share their feelings and situations, but I won’t stop there. Instead, I will take it as my strength to give my ears to listen, my mind to comprehend, and my heart to care. It may be a tough journey but I will do my best to do so. I will make this opportunity to be a Pastoral caregiver to build the fire inside of me to hear and help the people I am going to meet. So someday when I am doing my work, I know the difference between doing my job as a medical practitioner and caring for the sick as a Cordian Pharmacist.

By Alcansi, Russel Valerie D.
BS Pharmacy 4

“Being a Student Catechist”
As student catechist, one thing that is important for us to remember is that for us to enrich the lives of the students entrusted to us. We must also remember to take of our own spiritual needs. If your life is anything like me, you are very busy and that makes it easy to get stuck in routines. We can have a tendency to put our own spirituality on the back burner as we focus on our students, our families and our friends. Additionally, in going through our hectic lives, we can pick up some bad habits that impact our spiritual health in a negative way.

I recognized these tendencies in myself and I’m sure that I’m not alone. I’m always looking for opportunities to strengthen my own spirituality, not only to help me grow closer to God, but to be able to share Him more effectively with others whom I come in contact with. There are some values that were manifested during our catechism classes. The values of compassion, humility and service. As one of the instruments of God, I must be compassionate and sensitive to my pupils in order for me to understand them better especially in dealing with them in catechism class. Humility is also manifested in such a way that as a class, we must open our minds and hearts in taking courage to accept our limitations and weaknesses. We humbly accept our strengths and taking our pride to accept others in our lives. In doing this, my services to my students were really worth it. Every time they saw us coming, I feel thankful because of their smiles on their lips, I really feel the joy from them. It makes me feel more excited to teach them about faith and love of Jesus. Sometimes it just hard to teach them and I’m reflecting… am I doing the same thing, are my efforts, knowledge and preparations not enough for them? Well, I’m asking for God’s guidance to help me also in doing what I am teaching to them. In all the lessons that I discussed with them, I’m really sure that God is with them. That God will not leave them and will continue to show them how to be a true follower of Christ.

For our next teaching, I’m hoping for more learnings from them. I’m excited to be with them again. I’m really grateful that I experienced this before I leave my journey as a student. I will not forget my pupils and my cooperating teacher. My experiences of being a student catechist have great impact on me. It really developed my characteristics as a person. I gained important values which before I took for granted in my life. I can say that I really enjoying teaching catechism to the children and it is worth to wake up early in the morning for this.


“A New Beginning”
In Life there are different roads that each one of us are headed to, but are we sure that it is the right path for us? I always believed that morning is God’s way of saying one more time, go make a difference, touch a heart, encourage a mind, inspire a soul and seize the day. It is up to us on how we could spend the rest of our lives, because life is about creating new opportunities and not waiting for them to come to you.

The day that we have received the blessing from Jesus, as a sign of being a young Catechist was the day we all open our hearts for new doors of opportunities as college students. Some will say that, being a young catechist of our society doesn’t have any relation to our courses, but actually whatever you are taking up or doing in your life as of the moment, you could actually be one of the young catechists of our society. In fact, we live in a world full of stereo typing, that some will say you cannot do that or do this because it is not meant for you; it is not your job as a man or a woman and the like. But, the truth is we are all “called to serve”, by teaching the next generation about the Good News, we are fulfilling our part of the Great Commandment. It may be the most important thing we will ever do here on earth. The days that we have spent with those energetic, enthusiastic, and brilliant students of Zaballero Elementary School were really fun and it gives us renewed energy (kahit minsan ‘di pa kami nakakapag almusal). Kids reminds us to live and laugh in the moment. Another thing, I wouldn’t forget about the teaching experience was the moment I caught myself with tears of joy, because this opportunity given to us was not an ordinary one, it is God’s gift for us to share what we have; our knowledge, skills, talents, and of course our time to others. As I started to speak and teach in front of those little kids, they are also starting to communicate with me verbally and non-verbally. The windows of their eyes are actually telling different stories just like us, although they are not yet aware of the issues of our community. I could probably say that each one of them has also big dreams in their hearts to fulfill. We may be in the teacher’s position for how many days, but those children have given us more lessons and realizations in life. They boost our confidence and motivated us throughout the adventure. And just this week, though it sad to say, we have to tell them goodbye for a short period of time for the mid-year break. However, what feels like the end, is often the beginning.

Every day, we could make thousands of steps wherever we want to go, and fortunately one of the steps I made was God’s purpose and will for me, that’s why I could say I’m still on the right path of life. There might be people who wouldn’t believe in your abilities and in you, there might be uncertainties in life that would try to stop you from doing what you love. But always remember, what matters the most is we continue doing good deeds to others. So, “Let today be the start of something new”.


My family and I began celebrating the Lord’s Day last August. The Lord’s Day celebration consists of prayers, worship, sharing, eating bread, and having dinner. It is performed at the end and beginning of a week. My father heads the ceremony while mother assists. We do this at home after hearing mass. After the worship and prayers, we will begin our dinner. My father would ask us to share the things we are thankful for, for the past week. For example I say, “For the past week, I am thankful I was able to submit my college application last Thursday with the help of Daddy. I’m grateful I finished my project in Business Finance. I am also thankful to my brother because he carries my bags every time we walk home,” etc. This we do on Sundays. On Sundays, we close the ceremony with prayers again. During dinner time, we tell our plans and we intend to do or finish for the following days.

We have been doing this for four weeks now. My Mommy always insists to celebrate it. It takes up a lot of time at night. We usually finish around 8:30-9:00, excluding the time we clean the table and wash the dishes. Supposedly, that’s the time I do my home works and other activities. I could’ve finished studying my lesson instead of performing the Lord’s Day. I could’ve finished a lot of things with that amount of time. Sometimes when I have many things to accomplish, I secretly wish we just celebrate it next week.

But then the more we do it, the more I realized the importance of celebrating the Lord’s Day. First of all, it gave me and my family time to share what happened to us for the past week. We were able to catch up with each one’s activities and concerns. It gave us time to just talk and share about anything we want to. Slowly, it was also helping strengthen our relationship as a family. Another significant thing this celebration is giving me is the constant relationship I am having with the Lord. We pray and worship Him weekly therefore I get to feed my soul with its needs. Furthermore, our sharing about the things we are thankful for made me realized that we received plenty of blessings every week. It made me see that God really cares for us. Lastly, it helped put my following week in perspective because we say things we aim to finish. The benefits of performing the Lord’s Day actually outweigh the disadvantages of it. From now on, I would always look forward to celebrating it with my family.

By Christine Mae G. Meollo
Grade 12 ABM 2

I am firstly and foremost a student that came from a public school. I just encountered a full-on, head-on subject on religious education last year. This is the continuation.

As new student, I was really amazed on the Mass of the Holy Spirit because it was so wonderful and somewhat magical. I was full of awe when all of us are holding candles, standing, and being silent in prayer. It’s just so serene. It was providence for me to experience again that kind of silence like what I have experienced before in the cathedral.

During class, there isn’t really much to say as I really want to listen and learn something. I’ve only got a short background on the Bible and such. I haven’t really extensively widened my knowledge about it. However this is what I can say, there have been realizations through the course that I was part of something bigger and something very much older. It’s a privilege to have been learning this history of the church, beliefs and practices to an extent that they are reinforcing my faith.

I became aware of what we call the hindrances of the church. I came across with another in depth history of how the church began. What I think God is telling me is to acknowledge the information, the knowledge all around me from the past, present, and what it can make for my future, especially the church’s future.

As human being who is capable of surviving this era, to adapt is the key. With the changes in me, the church may also begin to change. Just like with its definition, it was once coined as building, a home, a place for faith and now it is defined as the People of God. My ways of using technology like the internet, before is only for me to communicate with people but now I will use it to spread the Word of God.

As a Catholic and Vincentian student, some steps I would take is to find silence once again, go out of my comfort zone and be more active to the events and activities of the church. I want to complete the “Simbang Gabi” and I want to experience the so called “Salubong” before Easter Sunday because even change is the only thing permanent in this world, I would still uphold the traditions of the church in ways that I can.

I will never forget that the church is a hidden paradise, a place for rest with the Lord. It is so welcoming and has the warmth of open arms. I should never forget that wherever I go my experiences of being with the church taught me that these would all bring me to a brighter tomorrow.

By Neil Jasper T. Peña
Grade 12-ABM 2

This is Not the End
I am both happy and sad at the same time after our catechism ended. Happy because it was successful but I am sad because we have to say goodbye to the kids. One of my unforgettable experience in my life is I became a catechist even in just a short period of time. I shared Jesus Christ to the children. Even if I am not taking BS Education, I experienced being a teacher where you have to prepare your lesson plan and visual aids late at night and wake up early in the morning because our catechism is at 7:00 in the morning.

At first it was challenging for me because I am also worrying about out Field Instruction 1 which is one of the most important requirement in our course as BSSW student. I admit that I gave less to our catechism at first. I came late at the school and put less effort in the preparation of the lesson plan. When I saw the smile and the eagerness of the children to learn and hear more about Jesus, I found myself being happy in what I am doing. I became excited every Thursday and came early at the school. In our last two meetings with the children, I told myself that I have to pay for my shortcomings and laziness during the beginning of our teaching. I prepared lot of visual aids that would help catch the children’s attention. Likewise I prepared interesting activities for them such as games and action songs. I am thankful that even in a short period of time I was given time by God to have fun with the children and at the same time bring Him to them.

Although OUR Re subjects are finished it doesn’t mean that my responsibility as a Catholic and as a follower of Jesus Christ is also finished. Next semester is our Field Instruction 2 where we will be deployed in different communities in Quezon. Wherever I will be assigned I will promise that I will always bring Jesus with me. I will share Him to all people whom I will meet and encounter. Even when I graduated, I will be forever a Vincentian-Cordian.

By Yessa Mae O. Calayan

Instrumento ng Pagbabago
“Paano mangyayaring palayain ni Satanas si Satanas?” tumatak sa isip ko ang linyang ito mula sa binasang Mabuting Balita. Bilang isang Kordiyano na batid ang mga kasalukuyang nagaganap sa mundo, partikular na sa Pilipinas, masasabi ko na napaliligiran tayo ng kasamaan sa araw-araw. Sa dami ng mga krimen sa bansa, nahihirapan akong makakita ng pag-asa na magkaroon tayo ng tunay na kapayapaan. Marahil ay ganito rin, kung hindi man mas malala, ang pagtingin ng nakararami, kasama na rito ang mga namumuno sa bansa natin. Extra-judicial killing, terorismo, at panlalamang ay ilang uri lamang sa mga seryosong pangyayari na masasabi kong dala ng demonyo. Alam kong nais ng gobyernong matapos ang mga krimen ngunit ang paraan naman ay hindi makatao kaya’t mahirap para sa akin na lubos na magtiwala sa ating pamahalaan kung saan nais nitong puksain si Satanas sa paraang mas masahol pa kaysa rito. Gayundin sa terorismo kung saan naglalayon silang makamit ang pansariling kapayapaan sa pamamagitan ng pagpatay sa kapwa.

Sa aking pagninilay, naliwanagan ako na kailanman ay hindi mareresolba ng kasamaan ang isa pang kasamaan. Sa halip, lalo pa nitong mapalalalim ang kasalanan natin at mailalayo tayo sa Diyos. Sa tulong ng Catholic Church, unti-unting nabibigyang pansin ang mga isyung ito at para bang ipinahihiwatig sa akin na hindi pa huli ang lahat lalo na kung makikisangkot ang bawat Kristiyano sa paglaban sa mga pagpatay at iba pang kasamaan. Sa totoo lang, nahihiya ako sa Diyos dahil ako mismo ay hindi naging mabuting taga-sunod, pero dahil nga sa pagpapatawad Niya ay nabibigyan ako ng panibagong rason upang makatulong sa mundo, kahit na sa maliliit na paraan. Thankful din ako na sa SHC ako nag-aral dahil palagi akong nareremind sa kahalagahan ng buhay at kung bakit ang isa sa atin ay responsable sa iba, at maaaring maging instrumento ng pagbabago.

Bilang aksyon, itutuloy ko ang pakikinig nang maayos tuwing Religious Education class para lalo akong maging aware sa buhay. Patuloy ko ring ipagdarasal ang mga pinatay at napatay sa EJK at ang kapayapaan ng loob ng mga naiwang pamilya. Gayundin, ang mga namumuno sa bansa na maisip nila na, “the end doesn’t justify the means.” Bilang estudyante, muli akong sasali sa mga programa ng paaralan laban sa kasamaan, gaya ng programang, “Huwag kang papatay.” Ipagpapatuloy ko ang pag-aaral nang mabuti upang sa realidad ng aking napiling propesyon ay maging instrumento ako ng pagbabago.

By Bea Marielle A. Jimenez


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